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Civil Litigation

Anderson Hayes, P.C. understands that no matter whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a dispute that has devolved into litigation, the problem or accident being litigated is a last resort for the parties to settle the dispute. Once in litigation, it is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to ensure that your rights are protected and you are positioned to prevail.

People who have not experienced litigation before are often shocked to learn how long, how intensive, and how many steps are involved in litigation before a trial. In fact, most cases are settled or dismissed prior to trial. However, for litigation to be settled, won, or dismissed prior to trial, a series of motions and actions are taken by the litigants, and heard by the court. This process requires the parties to have skilled representation to protect their rights and interests. These motions and actions are like a series of battles in a war, and each battle can have a material effect on the outcome of the litigation. Attorneys at our firm have years of litigation experience and can help you formulate a strategy needed to win the series of battles in litigation, and ultimately receive a favorable outcome in your case. Anderson Hayes, P.C. can assist you with the following types of litigation matters.

Our Practice Areas

  • Business and Commercial Litigation
    Unfortunately, issues sometimes arise in business that cannot be anticipated or contracted for, and contractual performance cannot always be guaranteed. While our attorneys advise clients to take every action to avoid litigation, our attorneys understand that sometimes litigation is necessary to protect the rights of businesses and their owners. Our attorneys are experienced in business litigation matters involving breach of contract, construction defect matters, real estate deals gone awry, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, securities fraud, and the full range of business and commercial litigation. If you believe that the rights of you and/or your business have been violated, contact the attorneys at Anderson Hayes, P.C. to schedule a consultation regarding how we can help you.
  • Partnership Disputes
    The best way to avoid litigation involving a partnership is to have a partnership agreement that will provide the manner in which business will be conducted and the way in which disputes will be resolved. However, if you and your business partner(s) did not have such a document in advance, or the dispute you have with your business partner has proven unresolvable without litigation, our attorneys can guide you through resolution of your dispute.
  • Shareholder Litigation
    If you are a shareholder in a privately held company, or have purchased stock in a publicly held company, you have rights as a shareholder. Among these rights is the right to be provided truthful information from the company prior to purchasing or selling your shares. This includes providing accurate statements regarding the company’s future business outlook and risk factors, as well as accurate financial statements. If you have purchased or sold stock in a company based on false information provided to you by the company or the officers/directors of the company, contact the attorneys at our firm to discuss your rights.
  • Employment Litigation
    Employment litigation generally involves violations of the California Labor Code (minimum wage violations, overtime, failure to provide meal and rest breaks, failure to reimburse expenses), sexual harassment, and unlawful termination. If you have experienced such violations of your rights, or if you or your business are being accused of such violations, we can help. Please visit our Employment Law page for a more detailed discussion of this practice area.